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My name is Damian Donze, I was working (2011-2014) working as an Architect for the Tongji Architectural Design Institute in Shanghai, China.  I am writing this blog to make my views about architecture public and to have a platform to present my work.

As of February 2015, I have my own office (DVDarchitecture) in Switzerland. We focus on Architectural Renderings, Animation and Design.

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Starting my own Firm

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I have returned to Switzerland to start my own company. Though a architecture firm is the final goal, I mostly focus on Renderings and Animations at the beginning. Feel free to have a look at our website. www.dvdarch.ch

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Jiading Office Complex under Construction


I am happy to write that the Jiading Office Complex is finally under construction and is moving forward quickly. Continue reading

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Zhanjiang Super Tall Office Tower

Here my last project I worked on before I left TJAD. My former colleagues at TJAD are continuing to further develop the tower, and I am happy to see that my original design is basically untouched. More info below:


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Tianjing Library Under Construction

I am happy to write that the Tianjing Library has started its constructions and to post some first pics here.

20140811_090046 copy
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Hebei University Library won the Architectural Creation Award of TJAD

131231Hebei Award1small131231HebeiAward2small












Once again one of my project Architectural Creation Award of TJAD. This time it is the Hebei University of Technology Library which is currently in the construction documents phase while early construction has already begun.

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Shanghai University Competition Part II

1 (2) copy

Here is the second competition for the Shanghai University. Unfortunately, we also didn’t win this one. It is made up of 7 classroom/lab buildings and has a total area of 66’000m2.

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More Anmiations

As I posted earlier this year, my boss found out that I can make animations. Well, I have done a few more by now, and I feel that my skill evolved a bit so I decided to share these two videos I did recently.

Xian Car Center:

Xian Car Center


Home in Switzerland: Continue reading

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Text 3, Purpose in Architecture + Article from Archdaily

It’s been a long time since I wrote something about my views on architecture. One reason for that is, because I was busy doing many competitions but another one is that I found it hard to put this subject into words. However, I recently read the article below on Archdaily which pretty much states what I was planning on writing.

It’s all about the big question…what is the purpose in architecture? What or who do we design for? Should we design for the Continue reading

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Scannable Facade

Scanable Facade Small

Although, it is most likely getting changed again soon, I felt like sharing this. For one of the competitions I won (Beijing Agriculture University Library) we adjusted the facade a little bit so that it could be scanned by a smart phone. All you need is a barcode scanner on your phone, which has become quite common to have, and you can scan the facade of the building. If you scan it, your phone will read the following: http://www.cau.edu.cn which will bring you automatically to the website of the university. You are welcome to try it (top part works better).

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Shanghai University Competition, Second Place










A recent competition I did for The Shanghai University. Unfortunately, we didn’t manage to win the project but got second place. As the name suggests, the project was located in Shanghai, included 6 building and had a total area of 66’000m2. The main focus Continue reading

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