Competition Winner: Southwest International Ethnic Culture and Art Center

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Download Movie HD (works in China): Kunming Culture and Art Center

Competition Booklet (PDF): Kunming Cultuyre and Art Center

I am happy to write about my latest competition I did which, again, managed to become the winning project. It was a competition for a culture and art center in Kunming, China with more than 10 competitors including renown companies such as OMA and Tsinghua. The center has a total of 42’000m2 of which 7’500m2 are underground, it is 36 meters high and has a total of seven stories (1 underground). The building is made up of four circular parts which are united under one facade into a whole shape. Each part has its individual functions:

Exhibition Center:
Each floor has different types of exhibition spaces for topics such as heritage, culture, art and photography. The top two floors, however, are occupied by a cinema complex which contains a 100 seat cinema, a 70 seat cinema and four 56 seat cinemas. This segment is accessible through two panorama elevators as well as the central escalators that are located between the exhibition segment and the theater segment.

Art Academy:
The lower floors contain an art school/education center while the top three floors contain volunteer offices and accommodation for the afore mentioned school.

Located in this segment are: a medium-sized theater with 700 seats, suitable for dramas, dances, symphonies and other multi-functional activities; a small theater with 300 seats, suitable for theatrical performances and film viewings; a convention center and an amphitheater on the roof with 1000 seats. To be able to cope with the large flow of people at the beginning and at the end of a performance, four elevators were strategically located at two main entrances while additional support was created with the escalators in the center.
All the backstage functions such as: the backstage, a V.I.P. room, admin offices, production studios and rehearsal studios are located in the back and have their own circulation flow.

Art Studios:
This segment contains A.V. labs as well as art studios. It is accessible through it’s own elevator.

All functions are united into one whole building. The interior space between the four parts, however, are open an function as an impressive atrium. At every point that the atrium touches the facade, it “cuts” through the facade, creating an entrance. The atrium is covered with an extensive roof garden which connects the four corners.  By adding large skylights to the roof garden design, we ensured sufficient natural lighting for the atrium below.

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