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A recent competition I did for The Shanghai University. Unfortunately, we didn’t manage to win the project but got second place. As the name suggests, the project was located in Shanghai, included 6 building and had a total area of 66’000m2. The main focus was given to the building facing the site entrance. Though, it appears as one building, it contains a library and a museum. The rest of the buildings, 3 classroom buildings and an administrative building, were kept simple and made use of a design to match the rest of the campus. 









My favorite part of the project is actually between the classroom buildings and the library/museum. At the first glance it looks like simple corridor, but it is much more than that! It is a space of shared functions. Every building around it has access to it and in someway shares a function in the space, be it an auditorium, an exhibition or a cafe. This makes the space very active and alive. Additionally, there are several green courtyards that bring in light and nature to further improve the quality of the space. The roof or this “corridor” contains an extensive roof-garden. Entrances on the second floor of the buildings ensure that the roof-garden could actively be used to for accessing and transferring between the different buildings.

Though, we didn’t win this one I already handed in a second competition for a second plot of Shanghai university with a cluster of classroom buildings that have a more contemporary design. Am hoping for the best.


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